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Adding contacts

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posted this on December 10, 2010, 19:13

New user records can be added to your database in the following 3 ways:

  • through the create a new record task
  • by approving registrations to the website 
  • by importing an existing database

This article gives a step by step guide to each of these methods. A site administrator who has been granted the Edit members details permission can use any of these 3 methods to add new user records to the database.

Adding new user records

New records can be added to the database manually as follows:

  • Select the  centraldatabase central contact database folder.
  • Select the members tab to display the current list of people in this database.
  • Click on the  tasksbullet Create a new record in the database folder database task. The “Create a new record” wizard will be displayed in a new window shortly afterwards.
  • Step 1 – enter name details – enter a first name and surname for the person you are adding. Click the next button to continue.
  • Step 2 enter family details – if the person you are adding is a member of an existing family in the database click the find family button to locate them.  Otherwise enter the family address and phone number.  Click the next button to continue.
  • Step 3 – enter individual details – set current membership status and whether this person should be able to log into the website.  Enter an email address, personal website, phone numbers, date of birth and gender. Finally select a privacy setting to restrict the availability of this contact information in the online address book, and set how you would like to communicate with this person in mailings.  If this person does not live at the family address enter an alternative address by checking the appropriate option.  Click the next button to continue.
  • Step 4 – confirm details – a summary of the information you have entered will be displayed including their website login permissions.  If you have set the website login option to enabled they will automatically be sent a login name and password by email, if an email address is supplied. Click the finish button to confirm that this information is correct and proceed to create the new record. Confirmation of the login name and password will be displayed shortly afterwards.
  • Click the continue button to close the window.
Note: if you are adding records to your database for the first time you may wish to use the “import records from a file” wizard to create a large number of entries in one automated process.

Processing applications

New additions to your database can come in the form of applications - created when the registration form is completed on your web site. 

When a new application is awaiting processing a personapplication symbol will appear next to the appropriate contact database folder.

To process this application:

  • Select the contact database folder where the new application is located –  centraldatabase central database, or an  independent independent group.
  • Select the members tab to display the people in this database.
  • At the top of the members view, new applications will appear in the applicants box.
  • Click on the applicant name to display the contact record.

Once you have reviewed the details submitted by the applicant you can process it in one of four ways:

  • Approve the application – click the  tasksbullet Give this person access to the web site task.  At this stage you should select an appropriate membership setting and involvement level – these settings will have an effect on whether this person appears in the online address book (depending on your site address book policy). Click OK to add the person to the relevant database.
  • Request more information – if you are not sure who this person is, or the details supplied are insufficient you can contact the applicant for more information.  Click the task.gif Contact the applicant for more information task link at the bottom of the window and enter an email as appropriate.
  • Deny access to the web site but retain the contact information – if it is not appropriate to grant access to the web site to this person you can still keep the contact information as a record in your database. Click this task to add this person to your database – you will be forced to send an email to the applicant, that you can edit, giving them the opportunity to have their details removed from the database.
  • Delete the application – if you don't wish to give the applicant access to the web site delete it by selecting the  task.gif Delete this application task link from the bottom of the window. All the details submitted in the registration will be lost. You are given the option of sending an email to the applicant explaining why their application was refused.

Duplicate Records

If the details submitted in the application are similar to an existing record a duplicates box may be displayed at the top of the applicant details:




If this application is a duplicate record, highlight the appropriate name in the duplicates box and click select.  Once you have approved replacing the duplicate record the existing contact information will be updated with any new details supplied, before removing the application. The user will be re-issued any login details if their existing account has login access; if they don't have login access you will be given the choice to provide them with login access or not.

Importing an existing database

If you have a database for your contacts you won't wish to re-add this data manually one by one. Instead you can import them from your existing database into the Web Office. This involves the following steps:

  • export your database as a comma separated file (.csv)
  • import it into your web site centraldatabasecontact database using the tasksbulletImport users from a CSV file task.

You can find more detailed information about this process on the following page, Importing Your Contact Database.

Deleting Contacts

To delete an individual member you can click on the red 'X' to the right of their name within the contact database.

To delete multiple users you can run a query and select the option under 'Group & Site Membership & Permissions' to 'Revoke Group Memberships'.



User photo
Brian Macfaden

Where do I find the Contact Database or the Central Contact Database??  I scoured the site and the web office

January 5, 2013, 20:35
User photo
Paul Tostevin

The members database is accessed in site manager by selecting the top level group and then selecting the members tab. All member records in the database can be viewed here. Under tasks there is the option to 'Query member's information' which allows you to run a query against the whole database.

January 8, 2013, 11:11
User photo
John Barnard

How do you delete Contacts.  I can see everything apart from delete.

February 7, 2013, 20:33
User photo
Len Owen

How do you delete memebers? I can't seem to find this option.

April 29, 2013, 19:04
User photo
Paul Tostevin

When viewing the list of members (under the members tab) in the web office you will see a red cross next to each members name. Click on the cross to delete members.

April 30, 2013, 09:12